Hiring Temporary Workers

Why You Should Consider Hiring Temporary Workers During — and After — The Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to present challenges for businesses, many of whom are nearing the end of loan periods and facing an uncertain future. Following widespread workforce reductions at the pandemic’s onset, many companies are now balancing the need to reopen and increase headcount with the desire to reduce operating costs in an effort to boost liquidity and long-term viability.

One potential avenue to explore is foregoing rehiring staff at full-time levels and instead opting for the use of temporary and contract workers.

Demand for temporary workers is increasing across a number of key industries, including human resources, technology, finance and manufacturing, particularly as a way for companies to meet short-term demands while they wait to assess the true fallout of the pandemic.

Temporary work also appears to be appealing to workers themselves right now, not only as a result of the high unemployment rates but also in support of workers seeking flexibility and increased work-life balance due to uncertainty surrounding school and childcare reopenings.

How can your business benefit from hiring temporary workers?

As you consider ways to maintain financial security, the hiring of contractors, freelancers and other short-term employees can present a number of opportunities:

  • Increased Flexibility and Adaptability. With temporary staff, companies can make adjustments more easily based on needs and market fluctuations and better manage supply and demand over time.
  • Reduction in Cost and Time-to-Hire. Temporary hiring is generally a more cost-effective strategy than full-time hiring and often speeds up the recruiting process. It can also be a strategic way to recruit talent, providing time for the company to ensure a best fit before offering a full-time position or making more permanent hiring decisions.
  • Temporary Leave Replacement. Staffing gaps as a result of COVID-related employment leaves can also present challenges. Temporary hires can fill these gaps as well as those resulting from non-pandemic related circumstances, such as maternity, disability or other medical leaves.

As your business explores strategies for rehiring in the near future, please connect with a member of our Talent Acquisition Team to discuss temporary hiring options and how they could benefit your company.

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