The Case for Cybersecurity

A click of a hyperlink. An opened attachment. A “confirm transfer” button.

Click. Open. Send.

Before you know it, your business is reeling from compromised data, an infected network or worse – an unauthorized fund transfer leaving your accounts drained and your reputation on its deathbed.

Today’s cybersecurity risks are designed to take advantage of weaknesses – not only in your technology systems, but in your employees. Hackers prey on individuals too distracted to run through proper checks and balances or too busy to notice a misspelled domain address within a sender’s email.

And ultimately, the buck stops at the top. CEOs and other business leaders have been forced out time and again after failing to take steps to safeguard employee and customer data. Beyond the personal humiliation associated with these events, businesses are also left to deal with the aftermath of the incident cost itself, potential impacts to stock prices and company valuations, and increased attention from regulators.

Unfortunately, there isn’t one solution, one system or one policy that can prevent these social engineering schemes from wreaking havoc. Rather, it’s a steady and well-constructed cybersecurity risk management program, carefully designed to mitigate risk across technology, people and processes.

The most effective way to address what’s lacking in your cybersecurity program is via a thorough risk assessment. Through this process, you’ll identify known and unknown security gaps and come away with remediation recommendations and proactive guidance for establishing and maintaining a robust cybersecurity suite – all with the goal of preventing crisis scenarios like those above and safeguarding your company’s reputation for the long-term.

To schedule a cybersecurity risk assessment, please contact us. The clock on your company’s security is ticking.

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