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The Benefits of Using a Recruiter to Fill Your Next Opening

Finding the best talent for your company is critical to its future success. A bad hire not only costs time and money but it can impact the overall culture of your company. An external recruiter can help expedite the process by bringing in experience and a network untapped by your internal team. Additionally, a recruiter can provide you with:

  1. Knowledge: Recruiters will have the intricate knowledge of the market. They will be able to help with available talent, salary rates, career expectations, and skill-sets. Additionally, Recruiters have the experience and expertise to spot red flags that may be overlooked by the average hiring manager.
  2. Focus: Recruiters are focused on finding you top talent whereas internal hiring mangers or HR departments may become distracted from the search process due to their primary responsibilities. Finding the best talent for you is the recruiters primary responsibility and they are able to put their full focus on the task.
  3. Independence: Since recruiters are outside of your organization they tend to be more willing and able to ask direct and specific questions. Candidates also tend to be more open with an outside recruiter than when speaking with an internal member of the company.
  4. Reach: Recruiters have the time and the resources available to find you top talent, even if they aren’t active in the job market. They will look beyond the job boards and reach out to individuals to get the best talent for your organization.
  5. Cost Effective: The long-term benefits of paying upfront for a quality hire far exceed the cost of the recruiter. By finding the right talent the first time around your company can avoid costly turnover rates.

Please reach out to the Talent Acquisition Team at The MFA Companies if you’d like to discuss your company’s hiring needs.

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