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Kerry Hanafin

Kerry Hanafin CPA, MSA

As a member of MFA’s Strategic Solutions Team, Kerry serves as a trusted advisor to MFA’s customers, providing them with strategic business advisory in alignment with their corporate and individual goals. With notable experience in tax planning and compliance, Kerry collaborates with customers to design distinct and impactful solutions to drive economic growth and mitigate tax exposures. Kerry attended the University of Massachusetts, Lowell where she earned both her Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in Accounting.

  • Driven
  • Compassionate
  • Team-oriented

Notable Matters

Franchise entities we support with audit, tax, business consulting & financial advisory solutions

MFA collaborates with customers operating in all 50 U.S. states

MFA's rank among the Top 200 largest accounting firms in the U.S.

Areas of Focus

business advisory relationship management business strategy customer experience individual & family tax wealth transfer strategies strategic planning tax provisions

Engineering growth is in our Firm DNA.

Our customers are doing things that are changing the future, and we are privileged to have been given permission to grow with them.

We understand that there is no single path to wealth, and we take great care in delivering personalized, thoughtful financial strategies for our customers, each of whom is unique in experience and aspirations.

It’s important for us to look beyond the present. We’re often brought in to solve immediate problems, but more importantly, we work diligently to help our customers set themselves up for success that extends well beyond the here and now.

Our teams operate as extensions of our customers’ organizations — true collaborators — serving as ambassadors to their futures and linking our intellectual capital to their strategic priorities.

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The 1920's
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