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Katie Desjardin

Katie Desjardin MBA

Leading MFA’s Customer Service Ambassador Team, Katie works closely with the Firm’s engagement team members to develop and implement strategies for increasing efficiencies through centralized support. Additionally, Katie’s responsibilities focus on improving the MFA customer experience and enhancing value through responsive and results-driven communication. Katie attended Southern New Hampshire University where she earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Hospitality Business and an MBA.

  • Strategic
  • Observant
  • Loyal

Notable Matters

Aggregate revenue of companies we audit

MFA's rank among the Top 200 largest accounting firms in the U.S.

Areas of Focus

customer experience organizational leadership process & operations proactive planning process standardization workflow efficiency mapping software efficiency tools customer service

The energy we bring every day is transmissible. We have the choice, the power and the resources to drive the kind of transformation that will be impactful.

At MFA, we are intensely committed to designing and executing on a future that others consider simply unimaginable.

MFA is deeply committed to a culture of continuous learning and aligning our intellectual capital with that of our customers to meet their intended goals.

At MFA, we’re in the business of changing lives, and it’s important to us to live up to that potential. In an environment in which the ability to focus on the future distinguishes performers from nonperformers, we’re eager to lead the way in guiding our customers to their envisioned success.

Challenging the status quo, opening minds to new perspectives and inspiring meaningful change. Just another day at MFA.

Spirit animal
Favorite board game
Candy Land
What’s the best way to start the day?
Before the alarm goes off
What makes a good life?
Living in the moment

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