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Kaleigh Alessandro

Kaleigh Alessandro

Kaleigh has more than 10 years of experience developing internal and external communication and marketing strategies for progressive businesses. At MFA, Kaleigh is responsible for architecting and implementing strategies to drive thought leadership, increase lead generation and showcase the Firm’s brand platform. Kaleigh graduated from Stonehill College with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication.

  • Confident
  • Collaborative
  • Nonconformist

Notable Matters

MFA's rank among Massachusetts' largest accounting firms

Aggregate assets of employee benefit plans audited by MFA

MFA's rank among the Top 200 largest accounting firms in the U.S.

Areas of Focus

marketing communications strategic marketing brand building/awareness lead generation social media strategies public relations advertising strategic planning

Success is yours to define, but we share the tools to lead you there. We connect you with a strategy and a vision unique only to your business — a path on which to foster growth and fuel success.

It’s just as important to us to learn from our customers as it is to educate them.

What makes MFA distinct is our Members’ continued motivation to apply intellect and tenacity in order to achieve a better future for all those we represent.

At its core, MFA is a team of passionate individuals with a relentless focus on the greater good of those they serve.

There are unwavering characteristics that all great leaders and entrepreneurs possess: honor, integrity and purpose. At MFA, we strive to exemplify those same qualities during each and every customer interaction — beginning with the first meeting and extending well into the future.

What do you read every day?
My Twitter Feed
Guilty Pleasure
Coffee Oreo Ice Cream
Fictional place you’d like to visit
Stars Hollow, CT
Favorite show to binge watch
The West Wing

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