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Alyssa Casey

Alyssa Casey

Alyssa is an intern within MFA's Talent Acquisition Practice and supports her team’s recruiting efforts through database management, job promotion and general administrative support. She is currently working towards her Bachelor’s Degree in both Marketing and Corporate Finance and Investments at Merrimack College.

  • Motivated
  • Dedicated
  • Passionate

Notable Matters

Fastest time MFA's Talent Acquisition Team has filled an open position for a customer

Areas of Focus

administrative support recruitment management talent acquisition professional staffing talent management

There are unwavering characteristics that all great leaders and entrepreneurs possess: honor, integrity and purpose. At MFA, we strive to exemplify those same qualities during each and every customer interaction — beginning with the first meeting and extending well into the future.

It’s just as important to us to learn from our customers as it is to educate them.

What makes MFA distinct is our Members’ continued motivation to apply intellect and tenacity in order to achieve a better future for all those we represent.

Success is yours to define, but we share the tools to lead you there. We connect you with a strategy and a vision unique only to your business — a path on which to foster growth and fuel success.

At its core, MFA is a team of passionate individuals with a relentless focus on the greater good of those they serve.

Weird/useless talent
Singing the ABCs backwards
What’s the best way to start the day?
What do you hope never changes?
My will to learn
Fun Fact
I'm on the women's basketball team at Merrimack College

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