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Understanding Internal Control Over Financial Reporting

Internal Control over Financial Reporting (ICFR) has been required for public companies and included as…

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Cryptocurrency: The Top Things You Need to Know

The world of crypto investing is still relatively uncharted territory. It is important to understand…

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Understanding the New Leasing Standard: Definition of a Lease

Under its core principle, a lessee will recognize right-of-use (“ROU”) assets and related lease liabilities…

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The Scleroderma Foundation

The largest nonprofit funder of medical research, The Schleroderma Foundation reflects on its partnership with…

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SEC Eliminates Outdated and Redundant Disclosure Requirements

The SEC recently adopted rule amendments to eliminate redundant and outdated disclosure requirements of Regulations…

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FASB Issues Clarifications to Leases Standard

The FASB issued ASU 2018-10 which affects narrow aspects of the guidance in ASU 2016-02, Leases (Topic…

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Why Companies Need to Put a Price Tag on Intangible Assets
Putting a Price Tag on Intangible Assets

In today’s marketplace, patents, copyrights, brands, customer lists and other intangible assets add significant value…

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FASB Clarifies Nonprofit Grants and Contributions
FASB Clarifies and Improves Guidance for Nonprofit Grant and Contributions Accounting

The FASB issued ASU 2018-08 to clarify the accounting guidance related to contributions made or received.…

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SEC Amends Smaller Company Reporting Definition
SEC Amends Smaller Reporting Company Definition

The amendments increase the financial thresholds in the SRC definition, thereby expanding the number of…

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AICPA Recommendations for Small Business Accounting Method Changes
AICPA Seeks Clarification Re: Small Businesses Coping with Accounting Methods Changes

Under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, small business taxpayers – defined as those with…

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