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Dark Constellation
Here’s Why You Should Consider Using a 3(38) Investment Manager

By leveraging a 3(38) investment manager, organizations are able to streamline the operational and administrative…

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Dark Constellation with Whitepaper Title
Understanding 3(38) Investment Management

As regulators train their watchful eyes on retirement plan administrators, a 3(38) investment manager can…

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Person signing document,
Fiduciary Liability Insurance

Plan sponsors are often concerned with the prudence and process of obtaining insurance covering ERISA…

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coins and money on table,Individual financial income concept.
Fees for 401(k) Services

Political candidates who don’t know the cost of a gallon of gas or a movie…

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Q&A: Understanding the Differences Between a 3(21) Investment Advisor and 3(38) Investment Manager

For retirement plan sponsors, managing investments does not always come naturally. Many plan sponsors will…

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Auditing Recordkeeper Statements — A Fiduciary Duty?

Adhering to prudent standards includes auditing quarterly statements from the recordkeeper. However, there is no…

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Plan-Level Rate of Return—Useful or Useless?

Many people use plan-level rates of return to determine the quality of an investment lineup.…

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When Participants Retire, Should Their QDIA Retire as Well?

Many retirement plan sponsors are increasingly recognizing the benefits of allowing retired employees to leave…

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Fixed Income: A Sinking Ship or Much Ado About Nothing

Time is a powerful modifier of perception and purpose. No need to look any further…

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Should You Rock Alternative in Your Lineup?

The term “alternative investments” may conjure images of classic automobiles, fine wine, rare art and…

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