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How to Effectively Communicate Cybersecurity Risk to Leadership

Your organization’s leadership (and if applicable, Board of Directors) have a responsibility to protect the…

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10 IT Governance Steps for CCPA Compliance

The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) goes into effect on January 1, 2020. However, there…

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GDPR One Year Later, Looking Towards CCPA

Over the last year, fines for GDPR non-compliance have been wide ranging and have varied…

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Cybersecurity: Key Trends and Recommendations

While all organizations are potential targets of cyber-attacks, the industries which possess the most valuable…

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Is Cybersecurity Part of Your Fiduciary Duty?

We’ve all received suspicious-looking emails asking us to provide personal information to redeem a prize…

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Cybersecurity & The CFO: Monetizing Risk

We’ve become accustomed – even desensitized – to cyber events, even as significant losses in…

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Why Cybersecurity Is Critical to Your Deal’s Success

Conducting due diligence during the M&A process doesn’t just mean reviewing a target’s financial statements…

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You Can’t Afford Not to Care About Cybersecurity

It’s late in the workday, and the CFO is anxious to scoot out a few…

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The Case for Cybersecurity

A click of a hyperlink. An opened attachment. A “confirm transfer” button. Click. Open. Send.…

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What GDPR Means for Consent

Addressing critical guidance related to how companies obtain consent from individuals as well as how…

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