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Partnership Carried Interest Regs
Partnership Tax Consequences of Final Carried Interest Regulations

The IRS and Treasury issued final regulations governing the treatment of carried interests under Internal…

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Biden's Tax Plans: Policy Changes Unclear
Biden’s Tax Plan: Democrats Have Control, But Tax Reform Details Remain Unclear

Biden has indicated that his administration may consider changes to the corporate tax rate, capital…

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Tax Planning Under a Biden Presidency
Year-End Tax Planning Under a Biden Presidency

Under a President Biden, significant tax law changes are possible, including as it relates to…

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Trump vs. Biden Tax Plans
Comparing Trump & Biden’s Potential Tax Policies

Side-by-side snapshots of current and potential future tax policies of President Trump and Vice President…

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Accelerate Income to Reduce Tax Liability
Strategies to Accelerate Income and Lower Your Total Tax Liability

As 2020 winds down, it’s time to consider year-end planning. Here are some tips for…

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Opportunity Zones
Everything You Need to Know About Opportunity Zones

Brief summary of the qualified opportunity zone (QOZ) program and tax benefits, including capital gain…

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Whitepaper: Opportunity Zone Considerations
Opportunity Zones: Benefits, Considerations & Final Regulations

In this whitepaper, we review the key provisions of the final Opportunity Zone guidance and…

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Qualified Small Business Stock
Qualified Small Business Stock (QSBS) and Its Capital Gains Exemption

Qualified Small Business Stock (QSBS) can be a significant benefit to a non-corporate taxpayer (individuals,…

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2020 Inflation-Adjusted Items from IRS
Updated 2020 Inflation-Adjusted Items for Individual Tax Planning

The IRS released the inflation-adjusted items for 2020 for various provisions of the Internal Revenue…

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man stacking quarters
IRS Proposed Regulations for Opportunity Zones

Opportunity Zones is a tax reform provision that creates an attractive set of tax incentives…

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