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State and Local Tax Effects of Telework
Teleworking Employees and the Resulting SALT Effects

Three important state and local tax (SALT) effects that could result from teleworking employees, including…

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CARES Act Deductions for PPP Expenditures
IRS Clarifies Tax Deduction Eligibility for PPP Expenditures

IRS issued guidance regarding the deductibility for federal income tax purposes of certain otherwise deductible…

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2017 Research Tax Credit Payroll Offset Claims: Recent Updates
Claiming R&D Payroll Credits in Conjunction with FFCRA and CARES Act Payroll Tax Relief Incentives

Startups eligible to claim the R&D credit for payroll tax offset can increase the cash…

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Net Operating Losses
FAQ: CARES Act Impacts on Net Operating Losses

Given the significant role NOLs can play in increasing cash flow and helping to mitigate…

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CARES Act and Favorable Adjustments to Depreciation
CARES Act Provides Taxpayers with Flexibility to Make Favorable Adjustments to Depreciation

Tax planning opportunities for a limited time period in certain circumstances, as a result of…

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Payroll Tax Credits & Deferral
COVID-19 Payroll Tax Relief — Credits and Deferral

Provisions within the CARES Act and FFCRA can provide significant relief for employers that continue…

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Defer Employment Tax with PPP Loan
Employers Can Defer Employment Tax Deposits Until PPP Loan is Forgiven

Under the CARES Act, employers of all sizes (including tax exempt/non-profit employers) can defer the…

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International Tax Considerations During COVID-19
International Tax Considerations Relating to Repatriation in Light of COVID-19

Due to liquidity and cash flow needs, such U.S. taxpayers may need to repatriate cash…

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New York Tax - CARES Act
New York Becomes First State to Decouple from Key Business Tax Provisions of the CARES Act

New York became the first state to decouple from particular features of the CARES Act…

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Filing Partnership Tax Returns
IRS Provides Welcome Relief for Partnership Filings to Obtain CARES Act Benefits

The CARES Act provides retroactive tax relief that affects partnerships, including relief for the taxable…

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