Whether to meet financial reporting or tax compliance obligations, to assist in litigation procedures, or as a strategic planning opportunity related to a potential future transaction, a proper and accurate valuation is essential to guiding your economic interests. Leveraging qualified valuation specialists to determine the value of a business, tangible/intangible assets or liabilities, or individual securities can give you a competitive edge and secure a more advantageous and profitable future for you and/or your organization.

The technical aspects of valuation are complex, as is the myriad of operational, financial and market factors to be considered as part of the process. MFA combines industry, financial and business experience to decode the complexities associated with valuations and help define and direct your strategy, substantiate a position or protect an investment.


Full Spectrum of Valuation Services
Financial Reporting
• Stock-based Compensation (ASC 718)
• Purchase Price Allocation/Business Combination (ASC 805)
• Goodwill & Other Intangible Asset Impairment Testing (ASC 350)
• Embedded Derivatives & Hedging Activities (ASC 815)
• Fair Value Measurements (ASC 820)
• Fair Value of Financial Instruments (ASC 825)
• Audit Support – Reviewing Third Party Appraisals
Tax Compliance
• AICPA Compliance Opinions for Stock Options (IRC 409a)
• Asset Election In Stock Transaction (IRC 338)
• Property in Exchange for Services (IRC 83(b))
• Charitable Donations (IRC 170)
• Golden Parachute & Non-Compete Valuation (IRC 280G)
• Debt Discharge & Income from Discharge of Indebtedness (IRC 108)
• Net Operating Loss Studies (IRC 382)
• Gift & Estate Tax
• Tax Support – Reviewing Third Party Appraisals
• Traditional IRA Transfer of Illiquid Assets to Roth IRA
Litigation & Advisory
• Pricing Analysis for Cash Flow Based Lending or M&A
• Personal & Enterprise Goodwill Allocation
• Buy-Side or Sell-Side Assistance
• Employee Stock Ownership Plan Setup & Valuation (ESOP)
• Marital Dissolution
• Shareholder Disputes
• Shareholder Buy/Sell Agreements
• Litigation (Lost Profits, Patent Infringement)
• Business Succession Planning
• Intangible Asset Acquisition or Sale


What MFA’s Valuation Services Can Do For You

  • Provide value benchmarking to help level the playing field in capital raising negotiations
  • Minimize financial risk associated with prolonged and uncertain litigation matters including partnership disputes and marital dissolutions
  • Avoid IRS challenges related to equity issued as compensation and gift & estate tax compliance
  • Help ensure a seamless financial reporting audit process as it relates to all current or historical fair value measurements
  • Help consummate asset spin-outs through a supportable valuation opinion
  • Proactively educate yourself with respect to complex and hard to value asset, stock or debt transactions



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