Litigation Support

MFA’s litigation support services provide attorneys and their clients with a clear, concise financial picture of the litigation matter at hand. The intuitive financial insight of the MFA team plays a key role in assessing legal options and facilitating litigation strategy development.

We put our best foot forward for customers and their attorneys, by including dedicated, senior-level expertise on every case—from beginning to end. Attorneys can concentrate on litigation, secure in the knowledge that our team is on-board to provide analysis, clarification and best practices relating to the business and financial aspects that are crucial to the case.


Litigation Support Services
We can assist your litigation team in everything from analyzing, interpreting and summarizing complicated financial information and scouring the books for hidden data or transactions to performing business valuations and assessments of lost profits and economic damage. We can also conduct financial investigations that get to the bottom of shareholder disputes and ease the sometimes-onerous process of business separation.
• Economic Damage Valuation
• Financial Analysis of Proposed Legal Options
• Support for Settlement Negotiations
• Partner/Shareholder Disputes
• Tax Litigation
• Divorce
• Personal/Enterprise Goodwill Separation
• Bankruptcy
• Insurance Claims
• Expert Witness Testimony & Reports


What MFA’s Litigation Support Services Can Do For You

  • Provide a financial analysis of legal options during litigation procedures to inform decision-making and ensure an economic outcome that best benefits the organization
  • Evaluate shareholder agreements, contractual clauses and profit-sharing policies to assess financial, compensatory and other implications resulting from a shareholder exit or other triggering events
  • Perform an independent valuation to establish the equity’s worth when a distribution of assets is called for during a divorce, and one of the spouses owns a business (or interest in a business)
  • Conduct financial investigations to facilitate bankruptcy proceedings, insurance claims and other matters that impact the organization’s financial future
  • Support your position in court or during the settlement of disputes regarding entitlements of interested parties with expert witness testimony and opinions



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Our litigation support team is well equipped to provide financial insight and expert analysis regarding your litigation matters.

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