Financial Planning & Analysis

Transparent information on both current and future financial performance, presented in a meaningful and concise manner, is the foundation upon which entrepreneurs engineer growth. With dynamic and forward-looking financial planning and analysis (FP&A), modern enterprises can build and sustain data-driven, decision-making cultures and fuel future success. Notably, business owners can use forward-looking information to improve relationships with key stakeholders and serve as a critical component of an enterprise’s communication to the capital markets.

The financial planning and analysis experts at MFA are skilled at working with organizations to provide this critical transparency and analysis as a means to help businesses make smart decisions and ensure they operate from their most advantageous position strategically, financially and operationally.


Fuel Growth with Forward-Thinking Information
Our experts work closely with your business to ensure that effective reporting, accurate forecasting and sophisticated analyses are in-place and accessible to solve real business problems and drive better results. The ability to ask and answer tough questions, identify and explain trends and run what-if scenarios makes MFA and its financial planning and analysis services an invaluable resource for high-growth, entrepreneurial organizations.

MFA’s financial planning and analysis experts will work in collaboration with your team to share insight into critical metrics, such as:
• Company’s Overall Health
• Performance Metrics
• Revenue & Profitability
• Working Capital & Cash Flow Optimization
• Tax Strategies & Planning
• Financial Insight & Business Strategies
• Go-To Market Modeling


Our Financial Planning & Analysis Toolkit


Projection Model
A detailed financial model allowing you to see actual and projected financial results. Includes Cash Sources and Uses schedule, Equity Summary schedule, and Bank Covenants schedule.

Loan Amortization
View investment schedule and summary of outstanding debt. Detailed debt amortization schedules are clearly out by debt facility.

Revenue Model
Model any number of bottoms-up metrics to derive a detailed revenue forecast over time. Models include custom pricing metrics, client/customer counts, churn/attrition, product or service volumes, etc.

Operating Model
Project major operating costs on a department/business unit level basis, including corporate Overhead Costs.

Working Capital
Project working capital balances with ability to change working capital assumptions related to Deferred Revenue, Deferred Expenses and Accrued Expenses.

Building & Equipment Models
Project build-out, renovation and equipment costs for each location within your organization. Includes GAAP and Tax depreciation schedules updated to include all recent tax code changes.

Intangibles Model
Project costs related to intangibles. Includes GAAP and Tax depreciation schedules updated to include all recent tax code changes.

Trial Balances
Incorporate all historical data by department/business unit for up to three (3) historical years.



What MFA’s Financial Planning & Analysis Services Can Do For You

  • Drive the bottom line by focusing on key performance metrics and analyzing influences behind performance variances
  • Design a three-to-five-year financial forecast, factoring in investments and estimated capital expenditures, to project growth and understand economic influences on growth objectives
  • Optimize cash flow by examining margins, working capital needs, capital expenditure planning and dividend planning
  • Establish ROI and determine optimal strategies for utilizing the company’s cash flow and working capital
  • Project working capital balances and change working capital assumptions related to revenue and expenses
  • Stress test your credit strategies and bank covenants over time, providing valuable insight to negotiate optimal leverage ratios and lower costs of borrowing
  • Provide a foundation to perform a “sell/hold” analysis at a moment’s notice
  • Determine the following year’s or years’ dividend declarations on the health of the company and financial covenant reporting
  • Integrate forward information into owners’ short-term and long-term net worth and estate planning/transfers strategies



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