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Retain Your Talent by Preventing Employee Burnout

Employee burnout sabotages employee retention. If your organization isn’t monitoring for employee burnout, you may be losing talented individuals that need a little help to bounce back from burnout, so they can once again be productive and thriving employees. The Mayo Clinic defines burnout as a state of physical, emotional or mental exhaustion combined with doubts about one’s competence and work value. Preventing burnout should be an organization-wide initiative rather than solely an HR or C-Suite concern. Your managers and employees are the best resource to recognize and adjust for burnout within your organization.

Key signs of burnout include a change in productivity, disengagement from colleagues or within meetings, and excessive negativity. When your managers and employees are empowered to recognize employee burnout, they can address it with small steps and encouragement for the employee in need.

Relieve Employee Burnout

  1. Reduce Stress. During high-stress or exceptionally busy times for your organization, morale can decline. Encourage your employees to take a break by offering quick, fun activities that encourage stepping away from their work and interacting with one another.
  2. Adjust Workloads. Routinely review job responsibilities with your team to ensure they are still balanced. Remember responsibilities tend to shift as organizations change, so it is important to adjust job responsibilities that align accordingly.
  3. Build Relationships. Provide and encourage your employees to form friendships with each other. When employees develop meaningful relationships with each other, they feel more connected and engaged in the organization and have a greater sense of pride in their work.

Burnout is preventable and reversible. Making it a priority to recognize and address employee burnout today can help your organization retain top talent to drive your organization forward. If you don’t address burnout you could risk losing an employee with the next big idea.

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