Maximize Your PPP Loan Forgiveness

Congratulations! You applied, you’ve been approved and now PPP funds have been disbursed to you.


As you begin to use those funds to support the business and keep employees on the payroll, it’s imperative you get out in front of the forgiveness process and establish a strategy to ensure your spending falls within SBA guidelines.

The PPP Loan Forgiveness Application serves as the blueprint for the forgiveness calculation, however, effectively navigating the 11-page application is a struggle for many businesses. There’s a lot of information to interpret, calculations to make and supporting documentation to gather.

Here’s just a few of the ways MFA can help you to maximize your PPP loan forgiveness.

  • Develop a strategy to maximize the use of PPP loan funds that align with business operations and minimize reductions and/or limitations on forgiveness
  • Prepare an organized audit trail in compliance with the program requirements
  • Calculate the forgiveness amount according to guidelines
  • Evaluate rehiring strategies within the requisite time frames under the program
  • Assist with the required memorialization of financial and non-financial impacts due to COVID-19
  • Help develop cash preservation, liquidity, risk mitigation and cost saving strategies for now and the future

Achieving loan forgiveness is complicated but not impossible. Don’t go it alone and risk losing out on free money.

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