Although it’s important a candidate possess the skills and experience necessary to excel in a position, you also need to determine whether they’ll fit in with company culture and be capable of handling challenging situations. Therefore, it’s important to ask interview questions that result in unique, spontaneous answers that provide insight into a candidate’s true skills, personality and attitude. Avoid rehearsed, overused answers by asking candidates these five non-traditional interview questions.

    1. What are the first five tasks you do every morning at work?
      This question provides insight into how they plan their day. Time management, prioritization and organizational skills are vital for success. Therefore, you want a candidate who accomplishes their goals in order of importance and remains highly productive throughout each day.
    2. When working on a team, which role do you enjoy most?
      Determining which collaboration role a candidate likes best shows how comfortable they are in different team placements. Although all roles are necessary, and a candidate may prefer being a leader over another position, they can’t always be the one in charge. Therefore, it’s important you find a candidate who’s adaptable and will give their best in the role they’re given.
    3. How did you handle a recent disagreement? 
      Asking how a candidate handled a recent disagreement provides insight into whether they understand and respect different viewpoints. Find a candidate who considers the personalities of the people involved in the disagreement, evaluates various ways of resolving the issue, and looks to others’ expertise for reaching a compromise.
    4. What were you doing the last time you lost track of time?
      This will show how passionate they are about their work. You want a candidate who stays engaged in their tasks and remains productive throughout the day. They’ll be dedicated to completing their work and moving your company forward.
    5. Can you describe a time when you failed as a leader?
      Because factors such as time constraints and available skill sets may be beyond the candidate’s control, failure is going to happen at times. What’s important is what a candidate learns from the experience and how they move forward. Find a candidate who maintains a positive attitude, alters their plan for moving toward success and eventually achieves their goal.

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