Landing Talent Beyond COVID19

Landing Talent Beyond COVID-19

With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the economy witnessed an unanticipated surge in unemployment, and new shifts were experienced in the demand and supply of talent. One year later, many companies find themselves navigating a new “normal” and have had to adapt by creating innovative hiring practices to attract top talent.

As offices reopen and people consider reentering the workforce, consider the following strategies to optimize your hiring practices:

Revisit Talent Acquisition Practices

  • Job seeker needs: COVID-19 refocused priorities for a lot of professionals, so you’ll want to assess and reevaluate the most desirable benefits in a post-COVID world. These factors might include professional growth potential, health & wellness benefits, remote work environments, work-life balance and more.
  • Access larger talent pools: Ensure that you are maximizing your pool of candidates and consider outsourcing to third party recruiters and staffing agencies. You can attract top talent across a range of demographics that previously were not accessible as you tap into broader recruiting networks and specialized talent pools.
  • Virtual hiring: Conducting virtual interviews speeds up the recruitment process and can allow you to identify top talent quickly. Look for ways to optimize the candidate experience and consider practices that can incorporate a hybrid hiring process.
  • Showcase DE&I standards: Build a workplace culture that fosters diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I). Revisit or establish a DE&I strategy that creates an inclusive physical or remote work environment for your current and future employees. This will increase employee engagement and bottom-line performance and help your company stand out to potential talent.

Optimize Workforce Planning & Strategy

  • Establish a refinement strategy: It is crucial to conduct ongoing analysis of future talent needs and implement a hiring plan that aligns to the future goals of your company. Develop an ongoing review process that will analyze efficiencies and allow you to adjust your workforce strategy to ensure that you are addressing challenges and planning effectively for the unforeseeable future.
  • Temporary vs. Permanent: As part of your workforce strategy, evaluate whether to emphasize temporary or permanent hiring in the short-term. If you hired temporary workers due to COVID, have they proven their worth? Consider extending permanent offers to good matches and consider how future temporary hires could benefit your business.
  • Identify critical roles: Consider which roles will create the most value for your company. This will allow you to put a plan of action into place to ensure that outputs are delivered, milestones are achieved, and budgets are met when you introduce new talent.

Even if your company isn’t hiring immediately, it’s imperative that you take initiative in reimagining talent strategies to ensure that your company is prepared to attract top candidates in a post-COVID environment. MFA’s Talent Acquisition Team has established networks across various industries to further support your company’s efforts with strategic talent planning, direct recruitment services and more. Please connect with our team to learn more.

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