Building a Future for Your Family Business


There’s something exceptional about operating a family business. Sure, like any business there are margins and profits to consider, people and processes to cultivate, competitors to outsell, outreach and outperform. But the unique dynamics of a family-owned business make it an environment unlike any other.

Trust. Emotion. Reward. Loyalty. Values. Entitlement. Family.

These dynamics are woven into the fabric of the business, and while they invariably contribute to the successes of the company, they also oftentimes lead to distinctive challenges for business owners and their loved ones.

In this Whitepaper, we examine some of these challenges facing today’s family-owned businesses as well as highlight areas for business owners and operators to explore as they look to solidify a future for their companies and families and establish an enduring legacy for future generations.



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MFA Strategic Solutions for Family-Owned Businesses


MFA’s professionals have extensive experience partnering with family-owned businesses and are dedicated to helping owners and their families design and implement organizational and financial strategies in alignment with both their business and personal objectives.


Strategic Tax Planning
• Implement federal, state & local tax preservation strategies
• Explore alternatives to existing entity structure
• Identify & capture applicable tax credits and incentives
• Preserve Net Operating Losses (NOLs)
• Develop long-term tax forecasts showing impact on cash flow


Audit & Assurance
• Audit financial statements
• Improve quality of financial reporting
• Assess and recommend improvements to internal controls


Business Advisory
• Evaluate ownership design structure and restructuring alternatives
• Perform equity compensation planning
• Conduct ongoing financial planning & analysis (FP&A)
• Address risk management and insurance needs


Transaction & Exit Planning 
• Valuation services
• Succession planning
• Evaluate exit options and deal strategy
• Research, identify, contact and initiate discussions with potential buyers/partners
• Solicit, analyze and negotiate preliminary offers
• Manage due diligence process
• Provide ongoing, post-transaction tax and investment advice


Personal Wealth Management 
• Create personal financial plan
• Activate personal investment management strategy
• Formulate tax-efficient generational wealth transfer strategies


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Family Business Infographic: Exit Planning[INFOGRAPHIC]

Family Business Owners: Is an Exit in Your Future?

For owners of family-owned businesses, determining how and when to exit your company requires thoughtful consideration. In addition to identifying your heir, you’ll need to give attention to the financial state of the business, the hand-off process, and to your own personal legacy and wealth.

Our infographic offers practical and actionable steps for navigating an exit from your family business, whether now or in the future.

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