Is this the year that your company starts hiring interns? Whether paid or unpaid, interns offer a variety of benefits for employers. Providing interns with structured, supervised roles, proper training, and regular feedback adds to your candidate pool and can help move your company forward. Interns can provide many benefits, including:

Fresh Perspectives

Interns can provide new insight into your business, strategies and plans. Involve your intern in brainstorming sessions and encourage them to speak up during meetings. Your intern’s ideas for helping the company evolve should be heard, developed and, when appropriate, implemented.

Stronger Social Strategy

Today’s generation is more tech-savvy than any other. Involve your intern in your social strategy and ask for their suggestions on how to improve your social presence. You may learn a substantial amount about social media that will increase both your reach and ROI.

New Hires

Rather than bringing aboard someone who hasn’t worked for you before, hire an intern and it can be a prolonged interview where you can test out their fit and their skills. When your intern graduates from college, you can hire him/her on a permanent basis. You will know their work style and that they fit with company culture. Plus, anintern will already be trained and knowledgeable about your business.


You can share your knowledge and years of experience to maximize the impact of your work experience. Through having conversations with you, interns will increase both their industry knowledge and skill set. You can mold them into leaders who take on additional responsibilities and grow along with the company.

Special Projects

Odds are you don’t have time to work on everything you’d like to. An intern can reach out to social media influencers to increase your sales, research your options for a new customer relationship management tool, or take on another outstanding task that will benefit the company.

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