Attracting Talent in a Competitive Landscape

How to Attract Top Talent in a Competitive Landscape

While the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted a significant portion of hiring efforts last year, many businesses are in search of new talent in 2021.

The good news for employers is that there is a large talent pool waiting in the wings. But as many job seekers look to re-enter the job market or switch firms, the burden is still on the employer to offer a work environment that meets the needs of the modern-day job seeker.

Consider the following strategies to boost your company’s recruiting efforts and demonstrate your appeal to job seekers:

Focus on Key Benefits

  • Remote work & flexibility: If your business allows for remote work, let your job seekers know! Along with flexible work schedules to account for remote learning, family circumstances and other personal needs, these are some of the most important factors influencing career decisions today.
  • Health insurance & other hard benefits: In the midst of a pandemic, medical benefits will often top a job seeker’s list, so be clear on what you offer employees and look for ways to highlight differentiating factors.
  • Growth opportunity: Today’s job seekers are looking for a home, so it’s important to highlight how your company supports opportunities for career growth, whether through learning & development opportunities, unique career paths, etc.

Update Your Job Descriptions

  • Expand requirements: Sometimes an individual’s years of prior work experience don’t paint a clear picture. Companies looking to expand their talent pools should consider looking beyond just years of experience and focus on skillsets to identify potential candidates. Non-typical resumes shouldn’t be overlooked either; parents who’ve taken time off or candidates who’ve switched professions may offer relevant expertise despite resume gaps or non-traditional career paths.
  • Highlight culture: Corporate culture plays a significant role in attracting new candidates to an organization, and thus, there’s value in highlighting it directly within your job descriptions. Consider adding a section to your job descriptions that isn’t role-specific but rather underscores what qualities will make potential candidates successful at your organization for the long-term.
  • Focus on inclusion: Review the language in your descriptions to ensure its inclusive, encourages diversity and is generally welcoming to candidates of all backgrounds.

Build Your Brand

  • Update your website: Ensure the career section of your company’s website not only addresses expectations and benefits but gives potential employees a feel for the company culture and the overall organization. Candidates are bound to explore your site beyond the job description page, so look for opportunities to draw their attention and answer frequently asked questions.
  • Post on social media: Most job seekers today are browsing LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter for job opportunities; take advantage of those channels to share information that gives candidates a window into your business. Photos and video are particularly impactful and can help candidates get a true sense of the company’s inner workings, team morale and more.
  • Focus on the employee experience & why it’s different. Your best recruiting tools are often your current employees. Leverage them to tell their stories (and add them to your website & social media!) and share with prospective candidates why they love what they do and where they work.

Attracting top talent continues to be a challenge for today’s businesses. MFA’s Talent Acquisition Team has established networks across various industries and can support your company’s efforts with direct recruitment services, job description updates and more. Please connect with our team to learn more.

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