Here’s How to Identify High-Potential Employees

Here’s How to Identify High-Potential Employees

Knowing how much to invest in developing employees’ talents can be challenging. With limited resources, you have to choose which employees have the greatest potential for success and develop them accordingly.

A study performed by Harvard Business Review shows there are three key indicators that set apart high-potential employees from other workers – ability, emotional intelligence, and drive. Employees who excel in their areas become key drivers of business performance and consistently generate output levels that grow the company. Consider the questions below as you evaluate your existing employees and look to grow your teams in the future.

Do They Show Ability?

The strongest key indicator of job performance is observing the employee performing their work. You must also be able to determine their likelihood of becoming proficient in the necessary skills and knowledge for more complex roles down the road.

  • Do they exhibit a desire to increase their knowledge and fortify their skillset?
  • Are they strategic thinkers?
  • Do they exhibit vision, imagination and an entrepreneurial mindset?

Are They Emotionally Intelligent?

Because high-potential employees possess great emotional intelligence, they are able to manage both themselves and others.

  • How do they perform under pressure? Can they constructively deal with adversity?
  • Do they consistently behave with dignity and integrity?
  • Are they adept at cultivating productive work relationships, forming alliances and increasing their network?
  • Can they read an audience, decode unspoken rules and create solutions that fulfill varying interests of key stakeholders?

Are They Driven?

A high-performance employee is motivated to work hard, achieve more and do what is required to succeed. These employees exhibit a strong work ethic and ambition to increase their influence on future success.

  • Are they eager and willing to take on additional work when necessary?
  • Do they embrace psychological and physical discomfort (e.g. relocation) in order to develop the skills and cross-cultural experiences necessary to rise to executive levels?

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