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Cybersecurity Guidelines for the C-Suite in 2020

The C-suite worldwide is increasingly concerned about the growing risk of a massive cyber data breach, like those encountered by Capital One, Facebook, Equifax, and numerous government agencies. Thus, C-level executives within all organizations need to understand the value of the information assets they possess, the cybersecurity and privacy-related risks, and then factor the benefits of cybersecurity investments and risk variables into their respective business equation. Simply put, it is vital that C-suite executives adopt a threat-based cybersecurity strategy to understand the cyber threats they are facing and then make the right investments to mitigate identified vulnerabilities, thereby reducing their cyber liability while also maximizing resources.

The Growth of The Cybersecurity Marketplace

The cybersecurity marketplace has rapidly grown to a $100 billion industry, offering a wide range of cybersecurity hardware, software, and professional services. There are now an incredible number of companies offering cybersecurity technologies, products, and services, often claiming to have the solution to many of your cybersecurity needs. Unfortunately, no single product or service can provide a magic solution to this multifaceted, ever-evolving, and highly complex set of global information security challenges.

Thus, many C-suite executives are trying to make the right investment decisions, but often they are not well informed regarding the cyber threats facing their organization and all the potential cyber liabilities. Rather than investing valuable resources in protecting specific types of high-value data, a threat-based approach to cybersecurity identifies the vulnerabilities that a cyberattack would likely try to exploit and outlines measures to secure those vulnerabilities.

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