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hardship distributions
Hardship Distributions: What Retirement Plan Sponsors Need to Know About Complying with Recent Changes

Retirement plan sponsors should review these recent changes related to hardship distributions to ensure compliance…

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SAS 136
Upcoming Changes to ERISA Benefit Plan Audits: What Plan Sponsors Need to Know

Plan sponsors should begin preparing for new standards related to ERISA employee benefit plans, including…

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FAQs for Retirement Plan Sponsors & Employees on CARES Act Relief
FAQs for Retirement Plan Sponsors and Employees on CARES Act Relief

The CARES Act was a rapid response by the federal government to help businesses and…

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Potential Changes Under SECURE Act 2.0
On the Horizon: Possible Retirement Plan Changes with SECURE Act 2.0

Brief overview of some potential changes on the horizon under a SECURE Act 2.0, which…

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Preparing for a First-Time 401k Plan Audit
Preparing for a First-Time 401k Plan Audit

For retirement plan administrators preparing for a first-time audit, much of the process can seem…

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Late 401K Deposits Due to COVID-19
Documenting Late 401(k) Plan Deposits Due To COVID-19

The DOL has provided relief for retirement plan sponsors who have been late remitting employee…

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IRS Changes To Tax Capital Reporting Requirements
2021 Cost of Living Adjustments for Qualified Retirement Plans

The government’s annual cost-of-living adjustments (COLA) for 2021 have been announced by the Internal Revenue…

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Electronic Retirement Plan Disclosures
DOL Finalizes Rule on Electronic Disclosure of Retirement Plan Documents

The Department of Labor (DOL) recently finalized a rule that makes it easier for plan…

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401(k) Missed Deadlines Due to COVID-19
Addressing Missed 401(k) Plan Deadlines During COVID-19

The federal government has offered relief for 401(k) plan sponsors who may have missed some…

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Retirement Planning
IRS Extends Relief for 2020 RMD Waivers and Rollovers

IRS extended the deadline for retirement plan participants to return an unwanted RMD to their…

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