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PPP Tax Deductibility
IRS Clarifies Tax Deductibility of PPP Expenses

The IRS and Treasury issued an update clarifying the tax deductibility of expenses related to…

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Healthcare Signs of Distress
Signs You May Need to Restructure Your Healthcare Organization

As healthcare organizations focus on maintaining operations in the thick of the recession, they —…

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PPP Updated FAQs for Acquired Borrowers
Updated FAQs on Employee Retention Credits for Acquisitions of PPP Borrowers

The IRS posted two new FAQs on the Employee Retention Credit as it relates to…

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PPP Loan Forgiveness May Impact R&D Credit
PPP Loan Forgiveness May Reduce R&D Credit

PPP loan recipients should be aware that forgiveness of the loan may cause 2020 qualified…

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PPP Loan Necessity Questionnaire
SBA Sending ‘Loan Necessity’ Questionnaires to PPP Borrowers

PPP borrowers should be on the lookout for a ‘loan necessity’ questionnaire from their lenders,…

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Election Year Transactions: Should You Consider Selling Your Business Before Year-End
Election Year Transactions: Should You Consider Selling Your Business Before Year-End?

Should you consider selling your business before year-end? Before making a decision, there are a…

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Procedures for Change of Ownership for PPP Borrowers
SBA Releases Guidance Regarding Ownership Changes Among PPP Borrowers

On October 2, the SBA issued a Procedural Notice to address required procedures for changes…

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Succession Planning, Part 2
Planning for Succession, Part 2: Techniques & The Path to Success

Succession planning should be rooted in an evaluation of the abilities and desires of those…

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Succession Planning
Planning for Succession, Part 1: Transitioning Ownership & Key Elements to Succession

Review the the key elements to succession planning, why it's important and transitioning ownership for…

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PPP Simplified Application for Small Borrowers
New Simplified Loan Forgiveness Application for Smallest PPP Borrowers

PPP borrowers with loans under $50,000 are now exempt from certain reductions in forgiveness and…

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