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FAQ: R&D Tax Credits for Large and Small Businesses

Federal R&D tax credits benefit large and small companies across nearly every industry. Here are…

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Tax Internal Controls
Year-End Income Tax Provisions: Are Your Internal Controls Ready?

This article offers high-level insights into certain areas where additional consideration should be given to…

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Remote Employees & Payroll Tax Exposures
Year-End Payroll Tax Withholding Exposure & Impact from Remote Employees

As year-end approaches, and many employees continue to work remotely, companies should again assess their…

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Public and Private Company Internal Controls
Five Reasons Why Private Companies Should Adopt Public Company Controls

Often viewed as a “public company problem,” private organizations may want to consider implementation of…

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Tax Control Flaws and How to Prevent Them
Income Tax Controls: Common Flaws & How to Prevent Them

Four common pitfalls in the design of income tax accounting controls, including missing controls, lack…

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Internal Controls
Four Reasons to Strengthen Income Tax Accounting Internal Controls

It is important for businesses to understand risks within the company, and thus the need…

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2017 Research Tax Credit Payroll Offset Claims: Recent Updates
Claiming R&D Payroll Credits in Conjunction with FFCRA and CARES Act Payroll Tax Relief Incentives

Startups eligible to claim the R&D credit for payroll tax offset can increase the cash…

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ASC 740 Accounting for Income Taxes
ASC 740 Income Taxes — Implications of COVID-19 and the CARES Act

The CARES Act includes several business provisions that may impact a company’s accounting for income…

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What Tax Reform Means for Healthcare Entities For Profit Nonprofit
What Tax Reform Means for the Healthcare Industry

To help organizations navigate the issues most impactful and urgent to the healthcare industry, we’ve…

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Understanding the International Implications of U.S. Tax Reform
Understanding the International Implications of U.S. Tax Reform

On December 22, 2017, President Trump signed broad tax reform legislation into law that will…

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