Financial Goals Aligned to Market Volatility

Aligning Your Financial Plan to Your Goals During Market Volatility

The extreme market volatility in 2020 has left many investors wondering how their investment portfolios have held up during this year’s rollercoaster ride. At MFA, we believe that rather than just thinking about the status of your investment portfolios relative to certain short-term equity or fixed income benchmarks, investors should remain focused on the long-term rate of return which will drive their progress toward achieving their long-term goals.

While the market volatility of 2020 has been remarkable, valuations and capital markets assumptions are always evolving. Your goals and family situation may be changing as well. That is why is it so important to meet with your financial advisor regularly to revisit your overall financial plan and ensure that it remains aligned with your long-term goals.

In this article, we identify five principles of our planning and investment process that we reinforce during conversations with clients to review their financial plans.

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Melissa Santas Peterson

Partner & Chief Investment Officer, Wealth Management Practice

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Timothy Hole

Director of Financial Planning

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