5 Ways to Prepare Your Employees for Leadership Roles

5 Ways to Prepare Your Employees for Leadership Roles

As a manager, your employees’ success is your success. You want to develop your employees for future opportunities either within your organization or outside of it. Begin to prepare your employees for future success by helping them develop their leadership capabilities.

1. Teach Networking

Bring your employees to networking events and demonstrate how to initiate conversation to find commonalities, ask for something they need or want, and provide something beneficial in return. Encourage your employees to attend company events and talk with co-workers they don’t know. Make your employees aware of community- and industry-wide events they may want to attend. When your employees are ready, send them in your place to represent your company.

2. Delegate Tasks

When delegating projects and assignments, ask your employees to take over some of your managerial duties. Include skills they may not have experience developing but that are needed to move up in the company. For example, ask your employees to spend time watching you give a monthly talk to new hires about what your department does within the organization. When your employees are ready, ask them to give the presentation in your place. They will gain the public speaking experience necessary to lead meetings and oversee projects. By delegating tasks, employees will also learn to ensure their team stays on task, meets goals and collaborates.

3. Encourage Independent Work

When your employees request help with an issue, show them how to find the solution as independently as possible. Ask your employees what resources they think they need to overcome the problem, then point them in the right direction for securing them. For example, if an employee needs help with a financial document, introduce them to the manager in the finance department and let them collaborate on finding an answer. Although you still need to be available to help, your employees will begin finding more answers on their own.

4. Be a Mentor

Individually meet with each team member to discuss their goals, ideas they want to implement, and what they struggle with as they develop their leadership skills. Provide a career plan in line with each employee’s goals. Offer opportunities to act on their ideas. Give insight and encouragement for overcoming challenges in becoming a leader. Your employees can begin implementing what they learn to develop their management skills.

5. Create a Feeling of Ownership

Provide opportunities for your employees to have an impact on the company. They will continue adding to their skill set when they feel like trusted, valued members of the organization. Teach your employees to make and act on smart, informed decisions. Encourage them to learn from their mistakes and improve their performance. Let your employees work on side projects they believe will increase revenue. When your employees have established a successful track record of leading, let them organize and run department projects.

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