May 2021

SPACs Roadmap
SPACs in the Spotlight: Considerations for Private Equity Companies

With the uptick in relevance in the capital market, PE firms are increasingly considering where…

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family wealth planning
Family Wealth Planning for Business Owners & Entrepreneurs

As a business owner or entrepreneur, you’ve always been rightfully focused on the financial vitality…

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Understanding SPACs
Understanding Special Purpose Acquisition Companies

Special purpose acquisition companies (SPACs) are publicly-traded companies formed with the sole purpose of raising…

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jeremy q&a
Q&A with Jeremy Robert of MFA’s Wealth Management Practice

Visit MFA’s Wealth Management website and learn more about Jeremy Robert, CFA, Partner and Director…

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Florida Economic Nexus
Florida Enacts Economic Nexus and Marketplace Legislation

Florida is the latest state to adopt economic nexus and marketplace facilitator rules for sales…

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retirement plan missing participants
Retirement Plans & Missing Participants: New DOL Guidance

The DOL’s “Missing Participants — Best Practices for Pension Plans” describes a range of steps…

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Accounting and Tax Mistakes for Nonprofits
Three Accounting Mistakes for Nonprofits to Avoid

Failure to invest wisely in sophisticated accounting methods and support can lead to significant issues…

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